Friday, 30 May 2008


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Personal Statement
I am an enthusiastic and hard working student in the middle of my BA Honours degree in Fashion Textiles. I would like to gain first hand experience of the fashion industry in both the textiles and design sectors. Not only would this be a fantastic opportunity to improve and build upon my existing skills, but this would provide me with insight into this exciting industry before I start my career after graduating in 2009.

Excellent screen printing skills and knowledge of print room/ dye lab
Good understanding of pattern cutting
Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
Excellent drawing skills
Fluent in French


Higher Education
Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication
2006 – present BA Honours in Fashion Textiles
2006 BTEC Diploma in Art and Design (Awarded Merit)

Burgess Hill School (for Girls)
2004 – 2005 Art A
Textiles A
French A
Business Studies B (“AS” Level)
2004 OCR Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise (Young Enterprise), Credit
2003 11 GCSE’s including English and Maths

Relevant Courses
Sept. 2007 Pattern making- Intermediate, Central St. Martins
Aug. 2006 Experimental Fashion Drawing, Central St. Martins

2005, 2004, 2003 Young Craftsman of the Year Award, South of England Show,
Highly Commended for three years running
2005 Helen Bell Art Plate for Excellence in Visual Art
2005 Dedication to Subject Award, French

Work Experience

Roksanda Ilincic, Dec. 2007- Mar. 2008. Studio Assistant
During my time at Roksanda Ilincic I completed many tasks including initial toiling, hand finishing, embroidery of Swarovski crystals, beads and feathers, as well as cutting patterns. I was a dresser for the A/W show at London Fashion Week and for a private salon show in Browns. I also assisted in the Showroom.

Nicole Farhi, Aug. 2005. Show Room Assistant and Swatch Department Assistant
Responsibilities included tidying racks and preparing garments to be presented to buyers. Here I gained an understanding of the different target market of each store, and the importance of knowing what the customer wants. I was also responsible for preparing fabric samples for S/S 2007 flats. It was fascinating to see the detail that went into each technical drawing and to learn how early colours, fabrics and design are decided.

House of Fraser, Jun. 2004. Assistant Menswear Buyer
I spent two days shadowing the Head Menswear buyer. This was an excellent opportunity to learn about the fashion cycle and to visit show rooms over London to see merchandise coming into shops 6 months ahead of season.

I draw influence for my studies from various sources, whether it is the art world and galleries like the Tate, Royal Academy and The Design Museum (each of which I am a member), or the fashion scene that has developed at clubs in the East-End of London, which have been an opportunity to design creative and eccentric outfits for myself and friends.

I also use magazines such as Bloom and Wonderland to inspire me and give my ideas for the layout of my work.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Work Placement at Roksanda Ilincic

I worked at Roksanda Ilincic from Dec 07 to Mar 08. During this time, I got to experience the two main cycles of the company; the production of the current collection to go into the shops, and the preparatation of the new collection to be shown at London Fashion Week.
At Roksanda Ilincic, I developped many of my skills including hand finishing and embroidery as well as pattern drafting and manufacture of toiles. My other responsabilities included dressing backsatge at the Fashion Week show, and at the smaller trunk show at Browns.
I feel that I had an excellent chance to develop my existing skills in fashion at Roksanda Ilincic, but it was also fascinating to see how a small label is run day to day. For example, seeing how Roksanda's extensive marketing is carried out through Mandi Lennard PR, by sending the collection to magazine editors rather than placing expensive adverts. It was also interesting to experience buying appointments, to understand which shops and countries favour which designs, and for what reason. The management of the production process is an important factor in the smooth running of the company, an element of which is calculating the correct quantities of fabrics and other materials which are needed.
I feel that my experience at Roksanda Ilincic has given me a great insight into the industry as well as allowing me to become more confident in my own skills.

Nanotechnology- Protection


My concept developed from the word “Illusion.” I began to look at oyster, mussel and clam shells. The shapes, lines and subtle colours are aesthetically pleasing, as well as the contrast of the delicate interior organism and its tough and textured exterior. Alongside this research was the tragic murder of Meredith Kercher. This event made me more aware of my own personal safety and as a result I began to design clothing and accessories that would help to protect the wearer in the case of an attack.

I want my clothes to look delicate and fragile by using layers of silk satin and chiffon (imitating ancient arrow proof vests from 1881 which used 18- 30 layers of silk to protect the wearer). However, I want each layer to be modified with nanotechnology so that the garment can morph into a protective shell to help defend the wearer from an attack. The garment could turn rigid when it sensed the wearer was anxious, becoming impossible to remove and knife and bullet proof, however still allowing the wearer enough flexibility to run away. The garment could also expand to cover the whole body and face in a protective shell. Other features would be a loud alarm to deter attackers, activated when the wearer’s heart beat rose to a high level. The garment would also be able to contact the police if the wearer was anxious of attack or thought they were being followed.

I hope these garments would be attractive to wear and would help women to feel safer.

Artisan- Terry Frost

In this most recent project, I was inspired by the work of artist Terry Frost. His shapes, colours and techniques such as print, painting and creating 3-D objects all helped to form the ideas for this set of prints.
In creating my designs, I explored more creative techniques than regular screen printing by using methods such as hand painting on fabric, using stencils and mixing applique and embroidery.
I really enjoyed this project as it allowed me to move away from my usual style to develop bolder and more graphic designs.

Liberty Project

Liberty Project

The Liberty brief was set at the beginning of the year and was to take the Liberty brand into a new and innovative direction.
My inspiration was dead flowers, and I wanted to create bold and painterly prints in contrast to Liberty's traditional floral ditsie prints.
I really enjoyed all the drawing and colour work that was involved in creating my range of prints. In the future I would like to vary the scale of my prints more, as for this project I feel that all my prints were too similar in size and scale.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The White Project


This shirt was one of my first projects at college. The learning curve was very steep; although I like my final outcome I feel it is still very rough and needs to be refined. I learnt a lot from my mistakes in this project and I feel that it has helped me to develop my pattern cutting skills.


Hungarian traditional costume was my inspiration for this project. I focused on hand embroidery and created a pin-tucked dress, with the other's floral form inspired by a traditional handi-craft. I really developed my pattern cutting skills in this project. It also made me more aware of sourcing the right fabrics and materials for each garment.