Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Nanotechnology- Protection


My concept developed from the word “Illusion.” I began to look at oyster, mussel and clam shells. The shapes, lines and subtle colours are aesthetically pleasing, as well as the contrast of the delicate interior organism and its tough and textured exterior. Alongside this research was the tragic murder of Meredith Kercher. This event made me more aware of my own personal safety and as a result I began to design clothing and accessories that would help to protect the wearer in the case of an attack.

I want my clothes to look delicate and fragile by using layers of silk satin and chiffon (imitating ancient arrow proof vests from 1881 which used 18- 30 layers of silk to protect the wearer). However, I want each layer to be modified with nanotechnology so that the garment can morph into a protective shell to help defend the wearer from an attack. The garment could turn rigid when it sensed the wearer was anxious, becoming impossible to remove and knife and bullet proof, however still allowing the wearer enough flexibility to run away. The garment could also expand to cover the whole body and face in a protective shell. Other features would be a loud alarm to deter attackers, activated when the wearer’s heart beat rose to a high level. The garment would also be able to contact the police if the wearer was anxious of attack or thought they were being followed.

I hope these garments would be attractive to wear and would help women to feel safer.

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