Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Work Placement at Roksanda Ilincic

I worked at Roksanda Ilincic from Dec 07 to Mar 08. During this time, I got to experience the two main cycles of the company; the production of the current collection to go into the shops, and the preparatation of the new collection to be shown at London Fashion Week.
At Roksanda Ilincic, I developped many of my skills including hand finishing and embroidery as well as pattern drafting and manufacture of toiles. My other responsabilities included dressing backsatge at the Fashion Week show, and at the smaller trunk show at Browns.
I feel that I had an excellent chance to develop my existing skills in fashion at Roksanda Ilincic, but it was also fascinating to see how a small label is run day to day. For example, seeing how Roksanda's extensive marketing is carried out through Mandi Lennard PR, by sending the collection to magazine editors rather than placing expensive adverts. It was also interesting to experience buying appointments, to understand which shops and countries favour which designs, and for what reason. The management of the production process is an important factor in the smooth running of the company, an element of which is calculating the correct quantities of fabrics and other materials which are needed.
I feel that my experience at Roksanda Ilincic has given me a great insight into the industry as well as allowing me to become more confident in my own skills.

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